Dig Into A Gardening Adventure!

AAPLD's new Seed Library offers a  bounty of vegetable, herb and flower seeds free of charge! Whether you're an experienced gardener, or just getting started, it's not too early to prepare for growing season! Learn more about the Seed Library, and request seeds online. We'll fill your order and notify you when your seeds are ready to pick up.

This season, Adult Services Library Associate Elizabeth Harmon will share her experiences planting her Seed Library flower seeds, and watching her garden grow! Follow Elizabeth's gardening journal through the Adult Services Blog and AAPLD's Facebook page.  And if you're planting seeds from the Seed Library, let us know how it's going by leaving a comment on social media.



The Seed Library Journal- February 23

I picked up our seeds today. We have Morning Glories, Moonflowers, Delphinium, Bee Balm, Asters, and one of my favorites, Sunflowers.  My husband Tom and I discussed where we'll plant the flowers in our gardens, and how many seeds we'll be starting indoors--36. As a kid, I remember starting seeds in cardboard egg cartons. Though I haven't tried it in a really long time, we're going to this year! Time to eat more eggs.

We want to transplant our seedlings outside Memorial Day weekend, so we need to plant the seeds inside by mid-March.  Our next challenge is to find a warm spot that gets good sun, and where our curious kitty won't try to eat the baby plants. And, do we need to buy a grow-light?