Seed Library Journal #4- April 11

After a week (at least) of gray skies and temps in the 40s, the sunny weekend was the motivation I needed to plant my Seed Library seeds! I'm using the tabletop greenhouse I got for my birthday, but you can find seed trays and accessories at most garden and hardware stores.  The Seed Library has lots of vegetable, herb and flower seed varieties available. Check out our catalog online, and request seeds here. An Adult Services staff member will notify you when they're ready to pick up.

Step by step, here's how I planted my seeds:

Soil Prep

I used a good quality potting mix that's made specifically for starting seeds. This one is very  lightweight, and contains a mix of peat moss, vermiculite and organic plant food.







After pouring the mix into a wheelbarrow, I added water until the soil was the consistency of crumbly brownie mix. An old Little Tikes garden trowel was perfect for mixing and scooping the potting mix.

Filling the seed cups

After punching drainage holes in the bottom of the egg cartons, I added potting mix, gently tamping  it down into the cups to reduce air pockets, and give the seeds a warm, damp place to sprout.

Once the egg cartons were filled, I placed them in a waterproof tray.

Planting the seeds

Now the fun part! I opened each Seed Library packet and carefully poured the seeds into a small container. Since some of the seeds I selected are tiny, this made it easier not to lose them! Then I labeled the cartons for each seed variety, and used the labeling sticks to create a small hole for each seed. While I didn't know the preferred planting depth for every variety, I'd read that 1/4" to 1/2" is a good depth to use for most plants.

Carefully using the edge of the seed envelope, I dropped one seed into each hole, and brushed potting mix over the hole to close it.

The wait begins!

With all the seeds planted, I lightly watered once more, before covering the planting tray to trap the humidity. The soil needs to be kept at 60-70 degrees, so I have a warming mat underneath the planting tray to keep the seeds warm. The potting mix needs to be damp but not soggy, so I'll check it each day and water as needed.

Once the seeds sprout, it will be time to add the grow light.

Have your Seed Library seeds sprouted yet? Share your progress on the AAPLD FB page!