A DIY Book Club is run by you! You can request multiple copies of a book by calling the library or stopping by. We will submit your request and let you know when all of your books are here.
No, you can use a library card from any library!
Please allow at least 2 weeks for your books to arrive. We cannot guarantee availability for your titles. We cannot take requests for items published within the last year. If there is ever an issue getting the books you need, we will notify you.
Yes, one option is to have all items checked out to your library card. This means that you will be responsible for the damage or loss of all items.
Yes, the other option is for each book club member to pick up their own book and check it out to their own library card.
Yes, we can take requests for special formats, but do not guarantee their availability. Make sure to request a special format when calling or speaking with a staff member to place your DIY book club request.
No, we cannot request items for DIY book clubs through ILL.
At the time of the request, we will ask you for your information and how you would like to be notified when all of your copies arrive.
Yes, at the time of the request, we will ask you which location (Harnish or Eastgate) you would prefer to pick up your books at. You may choose only ONE location for pick-up.
Books will be available for pickup at the Harnish Adult Services Desk or the Eastgate Service Desk depending on your pickup location. Just ask a staff member and we will adjust the due date to correspond with the book club meeting date.