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Feeling stressed? Then you’ll love the latest Big Library Read selection, “The Art of Taking It Easy” by psychologist, comedian and author Dr. Brian King.

The Art of Taking It Easy is a practical and hilarious book that encourages readers to embrace humor as a way to reduce stress and live a happier, fuller life.

In his book, King defines stress, discusses it’s origins and how it impacts our bodies and brains. His practical approach offers ways to deal with everyday stress, and other conditions such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, hypertension and obesity, that occur as a result. But what sets The Art of Taking It Easy apart from other books on this topic is the author’s humor, memorable stories and life-changing tips and instructions gleaned from his personal experience.  Read a sample here.

“I wrote The Art of Taking It Easy to put my insights on stress management on paper, so my
daughter, Alyssa, who is now three, can use them one day. Of course, in the process I wrote a book that can be enjoyed by anyone,” said King, in an interview with Libby/Overdrive, sponsors of the Big Library Read.

The Big Library Read is the world’s largest digital book club, with over 20,000 libraries participating. Between April 5 and April 19, library card holders can download copies of The Art of Taking It Easy with no waiting. After reading, check out the discussion questions (click here to download) and share your thoughts on The Big Library Read discussion board. And join the Professional Book Nerds podcasters for a free live conversation and Q&A session with Dr. King, Tuesday, April 13, at noon, central. Click here to register.

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