Too Much of a Good Thing? Try these tools to manage your holds


It happens to everyone. You browse the library’s catalog, or you read one of those “Best of…” articles that gives you great ideas for books you’d love to read. You place them on hold. And then? They all arrive at once and you’re overflowing with books!

What’s a book lover to do—especially if you’re not a fast reader, or are too busy to read as much as you’d like? Good news!  AAPLD offers some simple tools that allows you to pause your active holds, or even pass an available book on to someone else until you’re ready to read it!

Library Catalog holds

When placing a hold with library staff, you can request the hold be suspended until a more convenient time. For example, if you’re going on vacation, ask the staff member to suspend your hold until after you return. The item will show up in your account as PAUSED until the date you select, and then automatically reactivate.

If you’re placing the hold yourself, after you’ve logged into your account, put the item on hold and chosen your pick-up location, scroll down the page for an option to set your hold activation date. Enter the date you want your hold to activate. Click Submit Request to save your hold and date.

Digital Library holds

Overdrive allows borrows to suspend holds, while still moving up on the title’s wait list. Here’s how you do it:

  • Sign into your Overdrive account
  • Click or tap the icon that shows three leaning books.
  • Select Holds
  • Select Suspend Hold
  • Choose the number of days you would like to suspend your hold. Click or tap suspend.

If one of your holds becomes available before you’re ready to read it, you can delay delivery of your ebook and pass it along to another borrower without losing your place. When holds become available, Overdrive generates an email that your hold is ready. You have three days to borrow the hold or opt for later delivery.

  • Sign into your Overdrive account, and go to your Holds page.
  • Select Deliver Later next to the title.
  • Choose the earliest date you’d like the title to be delivered. After that date, you’ll get a copy when the next one is available.
  • Select Confirm
  • Change your delivery date by selecting Edit Hold. Set a new date, or select As Soon As Possible to receive the next available copy.