Winner, Winner… Cheeseburger Dinner?

We’ve notified the first winner of our Database Deep Dive Scavenger Hunt! If you’ve been playing, be sure to check your email (spam too!) for an email from aapld on Tuesday, May 26. Let us know which local merchant you would like to receive a gift card for, and we’ll get your prize out to you.

If you didn’t win this week’s drawing, there’s still one more, on Monday, June 1. We’re continuing to post questions on Twitter, but if you’ve missed a few, no worries. You can find all of the questions at the end of this post.

The answer to each question can be found in one of our databases. There’s a list of them under our Virtual Library tab, and they’re also in the handy pull-out guide in your June-July newsletter.

Time saving tip: If you have school age kids, stash the guide where you can find it on a busy school night, for when someone needs trustworthy information for a report or project that they can access from home.

Answer each question here for a chance to win a $15 e-gift card in next week’s drawing. The Scavenger Hunt is open to AAPLD cardholders only.

Good luck and thanks for diving deep!

Database Deep Dive Scavenger Hunt Questions

1. Your favorite book is The God of Spring, by Arabella Edge. Where would you find other “read-alike”?
Which book, according to the resource, will you read next?
2. For spring cleaning, you need to order a new vacuum cleaner! Where would you find information about which to buy? Using the resource, which vacuum cleaner did you decide to buy?
3. The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of our spring season. Which resource would you use to find out more about it? Can you tell us another reason the equinox is special?
4. You adore clowns and have decided that becoming a visiting clown for parties and events would be your dream job! Before you open your new business, you need to check out the local competition. Which
database would you use to find out if any new clown businesses have opened in Algonquin in the last six
5. Your new boyfriend is a huge Star Wars geek. Where would you go to find all the cool virtual stuff
AAPLD’s Adult Services department is doing for Star Wars Day? What is one of the real life languages,
that Star Wars language is based on? Which data base could you use to learn to speak one of those
6. Spring is perfect time to buy a new car. You have your eye on a 2018 Ford Fusion, but you’re concerned about the number of recalls. What database would you consult to find this information? Name one of the recalls listed.
7. You’ve hired a new employee for your revolutionary kite manufacturing company. Where would you find a legal confidentiality agreement?
8. One of your goals this week is to learn to make pie crust. Where would you go to find instructions? How long is the class “how to make pie crust” with Devlin Mannie?
9. Do you have Hay Fever? Which resource would you use to find out if you do? What are the 12 symptoms of hay fever?
10. You recently planned on looking for a new accounting job. However, now might not be such a good time to do so. In the meantime, you would like to work on your math skills. What database can give you
tutorials in math and even quiz you? Which of the 8 categories includes these tests?