Are You a Music Binger?

Binge: a period of excessive or uncontrolled indulgence

Thanks to on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, binge watching television series (X-Files is my current binge) has become a cultural phenomenon.  Immersing yourself within the world of your favorite characters for hours and days at a time is the ultimate form of escapism.  Of course, this is nothing really new to book lovers.  The hazards of book binging have been
well documented here in previous posts.  But what about music?  Do you binge listen?

I do.  This past week, I have been binge listening to the music of The Ocean Blue.  (Here’s a taste of their music on Soundcloud)   If you're a fan of New Order, the Smiths, or R.E.M. you should definitely check them out.  After seeing the band perform live at Lincoln Hall to mark the release of their first three albums on vinyl, I have been about as earthbound as a lovesick teenager.  Discovering a new band a lot like falling in love, and I am currently in the Honeymoon phase.  Providing the soundtrack to this new romance are two music services every music binger should know.  Hoopla Digital and Freegal Music.

Thanks to the library’s subscriptions to these services, I’ve been able to saturate my soul with the sounds of The Ocean Blue.  Their first three albums are available to stream through Hoopla:

Available on Hoopla

Algonquin Library cardholders are entitled to 5 checkouts per month from this digital wonderland of content including music, movies, audiobooks and ebooks. Music albums check out for one week and may be listened to on computers, or streamed from smartphones and tablets using the Hoopla app.  Content may also be downloaded during the checkout period for offline listening.

Later releases including their latest full-length album, Ultramarine are available to stream or download through Freegal:

Available on Freegal




Freegal allows Algonquin cardholders to stream up to two hours of music per day through a web browser, or the Freegal app. Users also have the option of downloading up to 5 songs per week to keep permanently.

Have questions or need help getting started?  Stop by the library and we'll have you up and running in no time.  

So, are you ready to fall in love with a new artist?  Check out The Ocean Blue (or the thousands of other artists) available on Hoopla Digital and Freegal Music.  Your next musical binge begins here.

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