Need Something Different for Book Club?

Try The Mercy of Thin Air by Ronlyn Domingue.  The protagonist, Razi, is a spirited, independent women.  Not so unusual in today’s world, but in the 1920’s she was quite a maverick.   Driven in her focus to attend medical school at Northwestern, Razi also finds it her mission to educate women on their reproductive rights in secret “boyless” meetings.

The story centers on her passionate love affair that ends abruptly when she dies in a tragic accident.   Razi, now “in-between” the physical world and the hereafter, spends her time searching for her lost love.  After almost 70 years “in-between” she finds herself tugged into the life of Amy and Scott.   Razi manipulates their world in all the eerie ways a ghost can in an effort to get Amy to unleash the secrets that are keeping her from having a happy, fulfilling marriage.

It is a great mixture of romance, mystery and the spiritual world that provoked lively discussions of feminism, great loves, and, of course…ghosts.

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